Info Marketing Mistake – Selling a Product That Isn’t Yet Fully Developed

This one tends to be a bigger problem for the platform speaker from what I’ve seen, than for anyone else. It can certainly be true of any information marketer, but here’s what I’ve seen happen frequently from platform speakers.

They get the audience stirred up (in a good way), and folks are rushing to the sales table to order Speaker X’s package. But the package includes some component(s) that aren’t yet fully developed. According to the presentation, things will be ready to go within just a couple weeks.

But, invariably, two weeks turns into a month. Then, a month turns into two months. You get the picture. Now people are getting antsy, and refund requests begin to pour in. It’s not a pretty sight.

The solution – make sure you don’t sell a product from the stage that isn’t yet fully developed. If you absolutely must deliver a presentation where you’re selling something that isn’t completed, you had better at least make sure you have some component (either physical or digital) that can be delivered to the purchasers quickly to keep them happy until the remainder of the product is ready.

How does this apply to you if you’re not a platform speaker? Pretty much the same way. If you’re planning a specific launch date for your information product, work the dates backwards to determine when all the product development work needs to be completed.

If you think it’s going to take a week to edit your audio or video, then you need to allot two to three weeks in your schedule. If you think it’s going to take 10 days to finish up the writing of the manual, you had better plan on 20 or more.

We see it time and time again. Information marketers who don’t plan properly who are scrambling at the last minute to get things to their fulfillment house to produce the product. This can mean delayed deliveries and rush charges for jobs, neither of which is a desirable thing.

Whether you speak from the stage or not, be sure your product is ready to deliver when you’re ready to sell it. Communication with your customers is critical. If you manage their expectations proactively, then you can minimize the potential harm from not having a product ready to go. But the keyword here is “proactively.” Better to just make sure it’s done so you don’t have to worry about it.

Marketing and Public Relations – Working Together

Marketing Public Relations: Marketing and public relations are both used to “promote” a person or a business. They go hand in hand. The key is to reach the target audience, people that are likely to be interested. Constant research is needed to keep up with the latest demographic info. Marketing managers work closely with public relations specialists to help a business reach the public.

The marketing department handles monetary matters. They will handle matters such as advertisements. Advertising costs money. The marketing department plans on how the ad dollars will be spent. Through strategic planning and ongoing meetings with other parties that are involved, decisions are made and the public relations may or may not be involved in such decision making.

If you are a company that would like to promote special offers, it is important that the public is aware. Nobody is going to know about it to give you business if they do not know about it. Through marketing, dollars will be spent in areas such as print advertisements. You might want to invest in banners or the local newspaper. The marketing managers will help find the best venue for you.

The public relations department keeps in touch with the public. Your company’s public image will be created through them. They can make or break you. If you are a new owner of a restaurant that just opened in town, consider hiring a PR specialist to find ways to gain “publicity”. Together with their marketing team, they will find the best solution for you.

They will be constantly doing research to keep up with the latest info on everything. It is extremely important to be knowledgeable on every aspect. Know the competition, know who the target audience is, know the latest trends, etc. Together, the marketing team and public relations department will work together to promote and publicize your business. And let’s not forget how important marketing and publicity is for reaching the target demographic.

Marketing managers and PR specialists usually find work in dealing with newspapers, magazines, radio, television, etc. They may deal with the press, making public speeches, so good communication skills are very important. It is equally important in working with each other to exchange all the vital info to successfully help promote your business.

If you are working for a local sports magazine in the marketing department, you will often times, be working side by side with a public relations specialist. If you have clients that would like to go into a professional sport, “publicity” is important. The PR people handle the publicity part. Your job will be to handle how the dollars will be spent in the promoting process.

Automated Webinar Solutions – A Lifesaver For Busy Marketers Who Want to Double Their Incomes

Automated webinar solutions are best described as a process of hosting webinars, without having to actually involve a host. To be clearer, there is a host during the presentation, but not at the particular time of the webinar airing. It is common practice to run webinars live, committing the host to a specific place and time – this is no longer the case. With today’s automated webinar solutions, these events can be prerecorded and aired limitless amounts of time to a limitless number of people. The possibilities are endless.

As an example to illustrate the power of automated webinars, imagine an online marketer who sells info products. His typical protocol was to run a live webinar event every Tuesday at 7 PM to his new opt in list. His intention for doing so was to promote his info product to the list, in hopes of generating a few sales. Basically he had to make himself available that same day of the week, each and every time. To make things worse, his presentation was a complete carbon copy, as well. How ridiculously mind numbing and ineffective.

With automation, that same info marketer can now prerecord that same webinar event once, and sequence the time schedule tom air it every Tuesday at 7PM. This no longer requires him to be available at that particular time, going over the same old content. Not only that but he can spend the time to really fine-tune his presentation and even do some split tests to see which version performs better.

Once set up with an auto webinar hosting service, the online marketer simply needs to configure a few parameters in his email broadcasting system and he’s all set. The email broadcasting system will send off emails to his new opt ins inviting them to show up to the webinar on Tuesday at 7 PM, and his webinar hosting service will fire up his prerecorded webinar without him ever needing to lift a finger – each and every week.

Automated webinar solutions can make all the difference for any online marketer trying to increase revenue, while diminishing their time requirements. Working longer hours is not the answer to boost sales and productivity. Working smarter, on the other hand, is the only way to boosting your bottom line. The first order of business for anyone interested in further exploring the exciting new world of automated webinar solutions is to seek out a quality automated webinar hosting provider. Beyond that, it’s just a slight learning curve and you’re well on your way.