Creating a Network Marketing Dream Team

When figuring out how to network market, most people just make a list of their warm market and start calling everybody. They will sponsor anyone and everyone with no regard to abilities or qualities. Some of these people we already sense won’t do well because they aren’t coach-able, but we sponsor them anyhow. I am not saying this is necessarily wrong. It might just be an unavoidable experience we need to go through. Besides that, it helps us hone our skills in sales. As long as we get through this stage and don’t quit, the next stage is to develop a profitable plan (or several) of generating leads for our enterprise. If we figure this out, then we can start developing a team of leaders- better yet, a team of leaders that complement each other. Napoleon Hill would call it a mastermind group.

One of the strongest advantages of a network marketing, as opposed to being self employed, is the team concept- the mastermind idea. If built right, people can rally together for a common objective. Building a good team will make your business work in a synergistic way. Since most of my life I have been self employed, this skill has not come easy to me. In order to have a business that is truly sustaining residual income, and that can survive the inevitable challenges that happen, you need a strong team.

If you are just beginning, you can develop that team. If you have a nice size group, you can bring together your leaders and start really working together for a common goal.

1. Find folks that complement each other- In a team, you don’t want people working together just because they get along or because they are the same. You want people that can be productive together and are synergistic.

2. Create a common goal- All team members should have the same basic goal and team purpose.

3. Create a code of honor- To create a code of honor is a main emphasis of a great book on business teams in the Rich Dad Poor Dad series of books. It is called The ABC’s of Building a Business Team That Wins, by Blair Singer. One of his statements is, “In the absence of rules people make their own.” This also leads to my next point.

4. Have clear, comprehensive communication- In order to have a great team, you need to have great communication. I am not talking about phones that are networked. I am talking about the way you communicate. Are you precise and complete with your instructions? Do you make sure that any questions that might come up are already answered? Do you realize that these people do not work for you, they work for themselves in this team?

5. Team competitions- Team competition combined with cooperative learning is the ultimate in team dynamics. This is where I am right now. These last two points came from me listening to Mark Hoverson’s “Irresistible Info-Marketing Blueprint” (not available at the time of this article.)

At the time of this writing, I am rallying one of my teams into a little friendly competition. I will give you the results in a couple of months.

Internet Marketing – Discover the Power of Repurposing Your Content for Accelerated Profits

You have heard about the concept of repurposing, right?

If you have been around the internet for more than a week I sure hope you have.

So just what is this thing we call repurposing? This powerful concept simply means to convert, reorganize or repackage one form of content for utilization in another format (info product). For example, you can repurpose a recorded Teleseminar into a CD set or a book or a “how to” course or a public speech, etc.

Repurposing does not mean that you attempt to deliver the same content in many different ways to the same person, although you could. One of the values of this strategy is that you are able to speak to many different learning modes with the same content.

If you want to grow your business faster, better and with a lot less human effort, then start thinking and acting as world-class information marketers do. World class information marketers are experts at repuroposing their content. Every business is an info marketing business and you can instantly “repurpose” your promotional content for a broader reach into your marketing niche.

Almost any type of “content-rich” information can be repurposed into audio, video, written transcripts and any other format to influence a wider market demand. The key words there are “content-rich.” Do not try to repurpose junk or thin content. This will just make you look bad in more than one way.

The Point: “Repurposing” your content into multiple types of info products will boost your revenues, reduce costs and dramatically collapse sales cycles.

Three Great Reasons to Embrace Info Marketing Now

Are you are still sitting on the fence? Unsure whether to grab hold of the opportunities presented by information marketing? If so, let me give you three great reasons why now-and I do mean right NOW-is the perfect time to make your move.

1 – You Can Own Your Niche. One of the huge advantages to information products right now is that there are literally thousands of micro-niches that are available, and there’s almost no competition in these niches. In the past, in order to get into information products, you had to carve out a big niche, because you’d have to have wide distribution and there’d have to be a big audience. That’s just the way marketing worked in the old channels.

Now, through Internet marketing, someone can go into a small little niche, and they can make money online, as much as $5,000, $10,000, or $20,000 a month or more. All it takes is a few information products and a relatively small prospect list. That just wasn’t possible before. I’m telling you, it’s just an amazing time to start an online business. The opportunities are phenomenal.

2 – Technology is Ripe. The days of heavy-lifting are over. Technology has automated most of the hard stuff. Now that the Internet has been around for a while, many very, very smart programmers have built programs and scripts and tools and web sites that automate most of complicated things for us. There are tools available that you can use right now, from a $29 piece of software that will write super-charged headlines for you to a free service that will allow you to conduct teleclasses for up to a hundred participants at a time!

That’s right. The technology is called Bridge Line. It’s a special telephone line that enables audio conferencing. Everybody in your teleclass gets a Bridge Line phone number and PIN code a couple of days before the call. At the time you’ve designated, all the registered users dial the Bridge Line number, punch in the PIN, and are patched into the teleclass. This technology is already available in the United States, in Australia, and in England. You can get a hundred paying people on a single Bridge Line, the operator will record all the audio for you, and the whole process is free.

Tools like that just weren’t available before. I know a friend who was telling me that a couple of decades ago, he used to pay something like $30,000 per month for a conference call service that could hold a hundred people. It’s technological innovation like Bridge Line that’s automating so many things and making this such a great time to get involved in information products.

3 – Big Companies Can’t Compete. The News Corp’s and Bertelsmann’s of the world may have a stranglehold on traditional media, but in the new media of information products, individual entrepreneurs rule! There are two simple reasons for that.

First, little niches just aren’t valuable enough to big companies to attract their interest. If you’ve got a big billion-dollar company, it makes no sense to go into some small, relatively focused niche, like a particular type of dog training, where there’s maybe $500,000 a year of sales available.

Second, even if they wanted to go after the dog-training niche, they can’t go through the process of making all the content and doing everything it take to reach the market. Their infrastructure is too big and hierarchical to organize for small opportunities. But you, as an individual can jump on the opportunity, and you can do all the pieces yourself.

So that’s why I say right NOW is the time to embrace info marketing. You can own your little niche, use technology to get your information products to market, and run circles around the big companies that can’t compete. At least for the time being, you actually have a huge advantage in this scale.